• Rapid Accreditation Analysis

    Dig deep to analyze and document every aspect of your fire department's performance. See a 241-page statistical report that was printed to PDF in less than 60-seconds. EXAMPLE

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  • 24 / 7 Performance Monitoring

    Between analysis sessions StatsFD monitors performance trends publishing stats and maps to PCs and mobile devices. Narrative updates can be sent via email and/or text message updating as often as you wish. EXAMPLE

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  • A Powerful Tool for Fast Results 

    StatsFD eliminates the time and frustration normally associated with generating performance stats. Simply load your raw data, search for the records to analyze and select from more than 7,200 built-in report formats.

  • Case Study - Dashboard Motivates F/f's

    11-months after an NFIRS 5 Alive user implemented the original dashboard fire fighters are "living and breathing" dashboard stats. EXAMPLE  Now the reasons behind the increased motivation are beginning to emerge.

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