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StatsFD - Price Schedule

StatsFD is licensed as a desktop application. A single license allows the application to be installed on a single PC. A site license allows the application to be copied and installed on any number of agency PCs. A formal price quote is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

In order to make StatsFD affordable for all fire departments StatsFD is priced based on population served.

StatsFD Pricing Schedule

Note: Annual support begins with purchase and includes technical support, live web-based training opportunities and product upgrades.

Population Single License /
Annual Support *
Site License /
Annual Support *
< 25,000 $995 /
$1,495 /
< 50,000 $1,495 /
$2,495 /
< 150,000 $1,995 /
$2,995 /
< 500,000 $2,495 /
$3,995 /
< 1,000,000 $3,495 /
$4,995 /
> 1,000,000 $4,495 /
$5,995 /
StatsFD Services

Your StatsFD support payment provides the training and technical support you need to setup and run the application. However, if you wish, tasks such as loading NFIRS 5 data and configuring the application to import CAD data can be done for you. Service packages begin @ $320 for a simple setup. If you wish to purchase custom services with the application please contact us for an estimate.

* Pricing is for single fire department jurisdictions. Pricing for multi-fire department jurisdictions may be higher. All prices are subject to change.

StatsFD - Price Quote Request Form

StatsFD is a desktop application. It may be licensed for a single PC or for all PC's in your agency.

Complete the form below to receive a price quote for a single PC as well as a price quote to operate the software on any agency PC. If you wish only a single PC or agency price quote please so indicate in the message area below.

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