• Live StatsFD Web Training - Twice Monthly

    Live web training events continue twice month a month. All web training focuses on user requests. Make sure you newsletter email sign-up includes the option of receiving live web training notices.

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  • Part 1 - Video Training - Setup & Load Data

    Click on the picture above to link to videos that take you through the process of installing and licensing StatsFD. There are also videos showing you how to load NFIRS 5 data, run basic reports and finally merge-in CAD data.

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  • Part 2 - Video Training - Analyze

    When it comes to in-depth analysis StatsFD cannot be beat. See how to perform fractile analysis and comparisons. Create worksheets full of operational data and perform a "Jurisdictional" performance profile.

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  • Part 3 - Video Training - Monitor

    When not analyzing data for accreditation or reaccreditation StatsFD can be set to monitor your operation 24 / 7 automatically updating fire fighters with operational "hits and misses". 

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  • Part 4 - Video Training - Publish

    StatsFD not only analyzes and monitors, it can publish too. StatsFD works automatically to deliver performance maps, tables, graphs and narrative via web browser, emails or text messaging.

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  • Part 5 - Video Training - StatsFD Utilities

    StatsFD comes with a set of utilities that enable you to compact, repair and backup your data. For reporting accuracy, you can quickly clean-up your data with "global" edits.

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