3/12/2017 StatsFD Upgrade Released

Upgrading StatsFD

Upgrades are made possible by your payment of the annual support fee. Thank you for your support.

If your support plan has lapsed you can renew it by paying the support fee. Please email if you would like an invoice to renew a support plan or have a question about your support status.

The latest StatsFD Version 13 upgrade was released 3/12/2017. This upgrade has a 2/17" version date. If you are upgrading a StatsFD version that's 8/13 or later you will not need a serial number to upgrade. Here are the highlights of this new version:

  1. StatsFD will not look for and utilize the "Microsoft Print to PDF" print driver as the preferred driver for printing PDF reports. If that driver is not present it will look for PDFCreator. There is now support for other (untested) print to PDF printer drivers.
  2. Users may now search for records by selecting accreditation Incident Types. This makes locating records by accreditation Incident Type as easy as selecting the type from a drop down list.
  3. New accreditation fields have been added for Incident and Apparatus Risk Level as well as Zone of Incident. A new search and load function will now allow you to put a value into these fields and many user defined fields based on any selection of records.
  4. An error when saving records under the Channels button has been corrected.
  5. An error related to Turnout Time calculations using hour of the day has been corrected.

Documentation for StatsFD V13 is available. This documentation is in PDF and contains links to dozens of product training videos. The new documentation may be downloaded from the following link:

StatsFD PDF Documentation

If you are upgrading an older product  request a copy of your license and the current upgrade serial number via email. Just email your request to

What You Need to Upgrade from NFIRS 5 Alive Version 2004 or Version 12

Follow these instructions ONLY if you cannot view your file extensions.

Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 10

1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
2. Click the View tab, and then, under Advanced settings, do one of the following:
3. To display file extensions, clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.

1. Double Click on My Computer. Click on Tools, Folder Options... in the menus.
2. Click on the View tab.
3. Remove the Check from "Hide extensions for known file types"

 NFIRS 5 Alive Version 12 & Version 2004 Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download a copy of the StatsFDV13 demo by following this link:
  2. Open and license the demo using your license text and 7-digit upgrade serial number.
  3. Quit the application and remove the following files from the Database subfolder; StatsFDV13.4dd, StatsFDV13.4dr and StatsFDV13.4Indx. Make sure you only remove these data files.
  4. Locate the N5Alive.4dd and N5Alive.4dr files in your original installation. Make COPIES of these files moving the COPIES into the Database subfolder of the newly licensed demo. Rename the files to "StatsFDV13.4dd" and "StatsFDV13.4dr".
  5. Restart your licensed demo and you should see your data.


StatsFDV13 Upgrade Instructions (If you are upgrading an existing StatsFDV13 installation)

  1. Download and "Save" the zipped upgrade files at the following URL:
  2. Right-click on the zipped folder and use the "Extract All..." menu option to extract the zipped folder into a folder containing three files;  "StatsFDV13.4DC", StatsFDV13.RSR and "StatsFDV13.4DIndy".
  3. Remove the original "StatsFDV13.4DC", "StatsFDV13.RSR" and "StatsFDV13.4DIndy" files from the "Database" sub-folder inside the StatsFD application folder. Put the "StatsFDV134DC", "StatsFDV13.RSR" and StatsFDV13.4DIndy files into the Recycle Bin, but do not empty the Recycle Bin until you know the upgrade is OK.
  4. Put the upgrade files "StatsFDV13.4DC", "StatsFDV13.RSR" and "StatsFDV13.4DIndy" files into your "Database" sub-folder or in the same location as the older files you removed that had the same name.
  5. Restart StatsFD. If StatsFD says it cannot find the data file do not create one. Instead, select the option to open the data file with the title; "StatsFDV13.4DD". If requested, enter your new 7-digit serial number.