12/19/2017 Major StatsFD Upgrade Released

Upgrading StatsFD

Upgrades are made possible by your payment of the annual support fee. Thank you for your support.

If your support plan has lapsed you can renew it by paying the support fee. Please email if you would like an invoice to renew a support plan or have a question about your support status.

The latest StatsFD Version 13 upgrade was released 12/19/2017. This upgrade has a 11/17+ version date. If you are upgrading a StatsFD version that's 8/13 or later you will not need a serial number to upgrade. Here are the highlights of this new version:

  1. All new "Documents" feature allows you to quickly create, save and execute report formats for accreditation, annual reports, monthly reports, etc. It is now possible to trade report documents with other fire departments.
  2. A new graphics system has been installed for graphs and charts. Graphs now include a scatter graph for measuring Turnout and Travel time hits and misses..
  3. The ERF module has been totally reworked to allow StatsFD to store ERF definitions for up to 11 ERF incident types with an unlimited number of ERF levels for each incident type.
  4. The 90% report editor has been upgraded to allow reports on any fields in the Incidents and Apparatus modules.
  5. StatsFD will now import additional EMS fields allowing time analysis of every phase of EMS operations including medical priority, EMS zone and hospital "wall time".
  6. New search and display options have been added to the Incidents and Apparatus list views.

Documentation is currently being revised. The link below is for the older version of the StatsFD documentation is found below:

StatsFD PDF Documentation

StatsFDV13 Upgrade Instructions (If you are upgrading an existing StatsFDV13 installation)

  1. Quit your existing StatsFD application.
  2. Download and "Save" the zipped upgrade files at the following URL:
  3. Right-click on the zipped folder and use the "Extract All..." menu option to extract the zipped folder into a folder containing a Resources folder and the following files;  "StatsFDV13.4DC", StatsFDV13.RSR, "StatsFDV13.4DIndy" and "print_screen_shot.vbs".
  4. All folder and file replacements will take place inside the "Database" sub-folder of the StatsFD application folder. DO NOT CHANGE ANY FILES OR FOLDERS OUTSIDE THE "Database" FOLDER..
  5. Remove the original "StatsFDV13.4DC", "StatsFDV13.RSR" and "StatsFDV13.4DIndy" files from the "Database" sub-folder inside the StatsFD application folder. DO NOT REMOVE ANY FILES DESCRIBED AS "4D DATA" FILE. Only remove files described as "4D Compiled" or "4D STRUCTURE" files. Put the "StatsFDV134DC", "StatsFDV13.RSR" and StatsFDV13.4DIndy files into the Recycle Bin, but do not empty the Recycle Bin until you know the upgrade is OK.
  6. Put the upgrade files "StatsFDV13.4DC", "StatsFDV13.RSR" and "StatsFDV13.4DIndy" files into your "Database" sub-folder.
  7. IF there is a "Resources folder" INSIDE THE "Database" subfolder delete it. Do not delete the Resources folder in any other location. Copy the "Resources" folder in the upgrade into the "Database" subfolder.
  8. Copy the "print_screen_shot.vbs" file into the DATABASE subfolder.
  9. Restart StatsFD.
  10. If StatsFD says it cannot find the data file DO NOT CREATE A NEW ONE.. Instead, select the option to Open the data file with the title; "StatsFDV13.4DD". If requested, enter your new 7-digit serial number.