How to
Setup & Load

  • 1. Install & License StatsFD

    The first time you run StatsFD it opens in the demo mode. This video describes how to  license the application.

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  • 2. Load NFIRS 5 Data

    StatsFD loads the same NFIRS 5 files you send to the state. Simply put the NFIRS 5 data file in the NFIRS 5 folder..

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  • 3. Search for Records

    Before generating a report you search for the records you wish to include in the report. Locate simultaneous and ERF responses.

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  • 4. Store Sets of Records

    Sets save time by preserving the set of records you located with a record search. Sets can be saved and used whenever you wish.

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  • 5. Create Basic Reports

    StatsFD contains more than 7,200 pre-defined reports that can run on NFIRS 5 data alone. Here's how to run those reports.

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  • 6. Load & Merge RMS Data

    NFIRS 5 transaction files are missing key times such as enroute time. Here's how to load those times from your RMS system.

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