How To

  • 1. Setup Performance Trends

    The Jurisdiction button stores up-to-date performance trends for Departments, Stations and Vehicles. 

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  • 2. Automatic RMS Imports

    Setup a connection to your RMS system under the Channels button. See options to automatically load RMS data.

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  • 3. Call Priority Settings

    Performance trends are based on emergency incidents only. Use this area to identify emergency incidents. 

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  • 4. Enter Shift Pattern

    If your CAD data does not include shift information you can enter a shift pattern in this area.

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  • 5. Setup Outlier Definitions

    If a time or set of times do not meet your outlier definition they will be ignored rather than scewing your data analysis.

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  • 6. Setup Destination Channels

    Reports you select to be automatically generated will be sent out to up to 5-destinations called Channels.

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